Professional Services

We provide an array of other professional services as standalone offerings which include incident response, forensic media copy, password audits, architecture reviews and risk assessments, and secure code reviews.

Vulnerability Assessment

With years of experience deploying enterprise scale solutions, we can deploy a vulnerability assessment solution to fit your requirements. We can also perform once off ad-hoc vulnerability scans of your internal or external infrastructure, as well as your web application.

Incident Response

Just discovered that one of your systems has been compromised? We provide an incident response service that isolates the threat, seizes any evidence securely, and analyses the source of the threat so that you can shut it down, take mitigating steps to prevent it happening in the future, and take any other further action based upon our incident report.

Password Audits

Ever wondered how secure your employee’s passwords are? We can do an audit on your active directory and provide an anonymised report on how many of the passwords we were able to crack.

Forensic Hard Drive Cloning

We provide for the cloning of hard drives and other media in a forensically sound manner which includes a hash of the data in order for anyone to be able to verify its integrity.

Phishing Baselines

Scam emails are an excellent way for an attacker to deploy ransomware or other malware to your organisation. Ever wondered how vulnerable your employee’s are to phishing? Unlike other providers that provide full blown subscription programs, we are able to provide a once-off assessment which includes a detailed report of how your organisation weighs up against these types of attacks.

Architecture Review & Risk Assessment

Make sure your solutions are architected properly with security implemented from the start. We provide architecture review and risk assessment of enterprise scale architectural design proposals so that you don’t have to spend time and money fixing things up down the track retrospectively.

Expert Witness Service

We provide expert witness report writing and testimony for both civil and criminal cases. This may include report writing, extraction of data, technical risk analysis and breach investigation, or testimony. Using our knowledge and understanding of the threat landscape, we are able to emphasis various methods of cyber attack and defence including demonstrated examples of scenarios documented in a report.

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The following flow chart illustrates our quality controlled penetration testing process from the start until the end of the engagement: