Core Sentinel provides world class penetration testing and cyber security consulting services by industry experts.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Are you thinking ahead about web application security? Got a new development that’s going live? Being asked by a client if your website has undergone a penetration test before? Is penetration testing a compliance requirement for you? Or is penetration testing a result of a recent incident?

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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Comprehensive client, data in transit, and server-side penetration testing developed for iOS and Android apps. Our mobile app penetration tests include full coverage of the latest OWASP Mobile security project testing guide, which defines the industry standard for mobile application security.

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External Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Hackers can see what ever services you have listening on your external facing IP addresses. Our external penetration testing will thoroughly test the services listening on your external facing infrastructure, firewalls, IPS, and VPNs. We’ll identify vulnerabilities so that you can secure them before hackers get in.

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Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing

How does your internal infrastructure stand up against attacks from rogue employees, contractors, guests, and malicious software? Our internal penetration testing service will show you exactly how. We’ll attempt to obtain domain admin, access critical data, and show you exactly how we did it, and how to fix it.

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Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless networks are becoming more and more prevalent these days. An insecure or mis-configured wireless network can allow hackers to get in without even stepping foot on your premises. Our wireless penetration tests will identify weaknesses in your deployment and make recommendations that ensure security.

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Professional Services

Aside from penetration testing, we provide professional services to assist with remediation and recommendations resulting from a penetration test. Incident response, forensic media copy, password audit, architecture reviews & risk assessment, secure code reviews, and application firewalls (WAF).

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